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ExpogrAfica 2019, Mexico

RIGHT International would have participated in large international professional Corrugated Expo at Domestic and abroad, for example, SINO CORRUGATED 2019, DONGGUAN. SINO CORRUGATED 2018, SHANGHAI. INDIA CORR EXPO 2018. EURASIA PACKAGING, TURKEY. EXPOGR FICA 2019, MEXICO. We have achieved excellent results in various exhibitions. Our products got customer's recognition from around the world, and than has visited our factory and users at domestic and abroad. During the period, the customer has been our users strongly recommended, in terms of quality and service have achieved customer trust. Our clients are mainly from Middle Eastern countries, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. We are committed to customer trust is our value, Development of RIGHT International will continue to improve our service quality, product quality, and the professional quality of our staff in the future

ExpogrÁfica 2019, Mexico

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