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Common Faults And Solutions of Laminating Machine (2)

Sep. 29, 2020

5. The edges are not sticky

This appearance is mainly present in the thick paper film. Thick paper will undergo certain bending deformation during winding, and the smaller the winding diameter, the more significant it is. The coated products that are not yet dry just after the pressing roller are often pushed apart by the bent paper at the edge, resulting in imperfect adhesion here. In order to increase the rate of laminated products, the width of the lap should be reduced as much as possible at this time to ensure that the width of the improper bonding is within the range of the die-cutting mouth of the Laminating Machine

6. Goods are not sticky

(1) Adhesives are not selected properly, the amount of glue is set incorrectly, and the proportioning is incorrectly measured: re-select the adhesive trademark and the amount of coating, and accurately proportion

(2) The appearance of the printed product is not good: If there is powder spray, the ink layer is too thick, the ink is not dry or not completely dried, etc., the adhesion is not good, you can use a dry cloth to gently wipe off the powder, or add an adhesive to coat The amount of cloth, increase the pressure, and choose light-hot pressing and glue again, or switch to a high solid content adhesive, or add adhesive coating thickness, or add drying tunnel temperature and other methods.

(3) The adhesive is absorbed by the ink and paper, resulting in a lack of coating amount: you can think about setting the formula and coating amount from scratch.

(4) The amount of glue is too small: the amount of glue is small, and the solid content is also low, and the adhesion must be inferior. The treatment method is to increase the amount of glue.

(5) The printing area is large: because the surface of the ink is lubricated, the adhesive is difficult to wet. dispersion. Soaked, so the bond is not strong. The treatment method is: increase the solid content of the adhesive and the thickness of the glue layer. Improve the outside temperature of the film.

(6) Glue metamorphosis: Check the delivery date and shelf life of the glue before use.

(7) The film exceeds the shelf life

Laminating Machine

Laminating Machine

7. Uneven coating

The plastic film thickness of the Automatic Laminating Machine is uneven, the compound pressure is too small, the film is loose, and some of the adhesive curing roller in the glue tank swells or deforms, etc., which will cause uneven coating; after the occurrence of the problem, you should quickly find out the cause and The corresponding method is to adjust the traction, increase the composite pressure, or replace the film, rubber roller or adhesive.

8. Goods become black

This is mainly present on large-scale printing and bronzing products. This is because of the chemical reaction between the extremely chemical elements in the adhesive and the gold powder. The treatment method is to use special gold ink or special adhesive, and it can also be coated first and then bronzed.

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