Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

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Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

We are a premier corrugation machine manufacturer and corrugator machinery manufacturer with a wide range of complete corrugators and corrugator components to match your specific production needs.

each plant has different requirements with respect to liner and medium, web width, and overall production capacity and speed . We ensure our machines can be customized to meet those specific requirements. 

Dependable quality: corrugated machinery

Corrugation machine manufacturer told with over 50 years of experience, we know what is important for corrugated plants. We pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing, servicing corrugating machinery to focus on reliability and consistency. Our corrugators are built for productivity. 

Company culture

we pursue the self highest value, with enthusiasm, sincere and candid manner, in an effort to love, unity, inclusive work environment. Right international committed to build a love, grateful team. Money is not the purpose of knowledge, leave your footprints become the greatest significance of life. Environment is not success conditions, heart's desire is what we decided the elements of life.

Reliable corrugators

our corrugators are built for the businesses that are moving ahead and moving forward. We keep you moving with top-notch corrugator machines and strive to provide the highest reliability for all our machines through our technology, training, service and support. We continuously collaborate and gather feedback from our customers to provide the driving force for improvement and understand market needs.

Quality corrugated board

our corrugating machinery is designed for no-crush, precision- cuts, and to create high-quality board to be converted into corrugated packaging. As a leading corrugator machine manufacturer, we can equip you with a starch kitchen, and customize the wet end and dry end of the corrugator to provide you the top-level corrugated sheets for your product mix to support your customers and market. As an industry-leading corrugator machine manufacturer, we team is committed to customer service and training. 

We team have developed customized training programs to cover operation, maintenance, and best practices for the corrugator process. Our training services can focus on efficiency, operator training, and maintenance checklists. The training is customized to you, your team, and your machines. Will help you increase production and plan preventative maintenance tasks, , and minimize unexpected machine downtime. 

Corrugating process

the corrugating process involves paper, (both liner and medium), being combined by the corrugator, using heat, pressure, and time. The paper is heated with steam and the medium is formed into flutes by the corrugating rolls. One layer of medium is glued between two layers of liner to form standard three-layer single wall corrugated board. Each machine in the corrugating process plays a very important role, so it is important to rely on an industry-leading corrugator machine manufacturer to make sure you have the right components and machines.

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