Pasting Machine

Pasting Machine

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Pasting Machine

Product Features

● Each variable frequency motor is separated arwen tor stable speed change and good synchronous capability with stable sync belt transmitting without vibration and noise

● The glue roller surface is treated with netting, hard chrome plating and grinding for evener gluing

● It is matched with circulating glue system in case of glue depositing

● It is featured by auto glue circulating, electrically gluing width adjusting and auto glue on-line speed adjusting c Glue loading: touch bar loading

● It is equipped with pre-heating system for fast glue pasting and firm binding at high speed

RIGHT International was founded in early 2015, the company is located in Guangyang district, Langfang city, Hebei province, China. Assembly plant has 2000 square meters, enterprise team of 150 employees, production and processing enterprises of corrugated cardboard packaging and printing equipment.we are provide Pasting Machine and pasting machine price, if you need, welcome to contact us to know more.

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