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  • NCM-15B Fully automatic single corrugated slitting cutting&stacking machine

NCM-15B Fully automatic single corrugated slitting cutting&stacking machine

Design speed:150m/min Working width:2200mm Time interval of orders arrange:3-8s Minimum cutting width:150mm

Product Description

Design speed:150m/min      

Working width:2200mm

Time interval of orders arrange:3-8s          

Minimum cutting width:150mm

1.999 Orders can be stored to achieve auto or manual order change without machine halting.The imported high quality industrial computer and high capability programmable controller are applied to be the upper-lower computerized control system,the main control screen is 15 inch LCD screen,the machine stop,speed up & down and the subsection power controlled by control button.

2.The thin tungsten steel alloy blade is adopted with sharp edge and use life more than 8 million meters.It’s with computer control for auto or manual blade grinding which can be made under slitting for high production efficiency.The cross cutting part adopts AC servo motor drive.

3.The paper outputting part consists of four sections,the first section is to collect the single layer sheets to the transport part tidily and quickly after the crosscutting,the second part is to stack the cardboard to tile shape,the third and forth part are to transmit the shape cardboard to stacker reposefully.

4.The stacking part adopts gantry type electric lifting.The design of stationary paper transmission rack make sure the cardboard tidy while stacking.

5.The machine can realize automatic counting and stacking with out halt.The work of single corrugated counting completed through the photoelectric switch,the cooperated work of each conveyor segment and the stacking unified completed by the PLC.

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