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  • SF-DW15 Fixed Type Single Facer Machine with Pratical&stable

SF-DW15 Fixed Type Single Facer Machine with Pratical&stable

SF-DW15 Single Facer Machine

Technical Parameters

1.The paper guide adopts wind adsorption to maintain the stability of corrugated sheet at high speed.

2.Corrugated by fan through the vacuo box will be adsorbed in the corrugated rollers within 180 degrees to form a negative pressure zone, corrugated rolling

3.The width of the suction groove of the lower corrugated roller is not more than 2.0-2.5mm, which can reduce the trace of single corrugated board dry line.

4.The transmission department adopts the chain transmission of the oil-immersed gearbox for reliable operation and higher maintenance

5.Using circulating glue supply, pneumatic glue loading and reset, with buffering effect, electric adjustment of the width of glue coating surface, convenient and quick. The surface of the cots is treated with special anilox and chrome plating.

6.When the single-sided machine is used in steam heating mode, the tile paper can be equipped with a spray device to soften the paper and prevent tooth blasting, so as to ensure that the tile paper is conducive to forming and improve the flatness and production speed of the paperboard.

Dia. of flute roller320mm
Max Design speed150m/min
Work width1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm
Heating sourceSteam, oil


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