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  • SF-MW25 Corrugated group quick change type single facer machine

SF-MW25 Corrugated group quick change type single facer machine

The complete machine is in cassette module design for fast flute roller-changing within 15 minutes with electric trolley in use matched with pneumatic pump to carry...

Product Features

1.Using negative pressure type design, low heat loss,helps the core paper to press evenly and close to the surface of corrugated roller, make the corrugate molding better, pressure uniform, the top of corrugate can glue uniform and better, make the single corrugated paper have perfect laminating.

2.Quickly change rollers in 10 minutes, while change corrugated roller with the electric trolley loading,the entire group of corrugating with motor drive,put into the machie,fixed to the machine base,only need a buttons can complete the replacement quickly and easily.

3.Corrugated roll adopt 48CrMo high quality alloy steel,dealing with heating, after grinding tungsten carbide surface treatment.

4.Corrugated roll and pressure roll adopt the airbag control system with high stability, at the same time with pneumatic control buffer effect.

5.Glue volume control with electric adjustment,rubber septum electric device,the glue system can operate independently when the motor stops,prevent glue exhausted。

6.The moveable type glue unit is convenient to clean and maintain.

7.Easy operation control system, touch screen operation interface,Drawing with color display operating status, function selection, fault indication, and parameter settings, etc. can exclude exhibit this machine fully functional, easy to operate, user-friendly.

8.Built-in pre-conditioner with proportional spraying device, adjustment the core paper temperature and moisture.

9.Main, vice corrugating and pressure roller bearings are used in high-temperature grease to ensure bearing life running smoothly。

We provide single facer machine,you can know it.

Technical Parameters

Dia. of flute roller405mm
Max Design speed250m/min
Work width1800mm, 2000mrm, 200mm, 2500mm, 2800mm
Heating sourcsteam

Flute (UV)Flute Height (mm)Flute Qty/300mm
C3.6-3.938土2 0r 40士2

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